Shipping and Returns


Pynk Monky Gear sells custom made to order items. All of our items are made fresh upon your request. This means we do not accept returns under any circumstances. We feel this benefits us and the customer as it means we do not have to charge our customers for things such as return shipping and restocking fees.



Though we do not accept returns, we are willing to issue refunds given the correct circumstances. Refunds will be handled on a case by case basis. Refunds will only be applicable in cases where the received product would be considered damaged or defective.


For circumstances where a refund would not apply it is possible for us to offer you a replacement garment. Replacements are also handled on a case by case basis. Further details of replacement would be explained during your ongoing discussion with our support staff.

In any situation where you feel you would be deserving of a refund you must contact our support team within 48 hours of receiving your purchase. This window is strict so that in the event a proper refund is necessary we are able to contact our suppliers in a timely manner.



At the moment we unfortunately only offer shipping to addresses within the United States. We apologize to anyone outside of the US viewing our store who wishes to make a purchase. In the future we do plan to expand to include International shipping options.