Waxing services are available for face (brow, lip, and chin), as well as full body, including legs, bikini, brazilian, arms, and more. Please visit our scheduler or call to see a full list of services.


After receiving any waxing service, avoid  friction, heat, exercise, swimming, and tanning beds for at least 48 hours.

Protocol for Bikini and Brazilian:

3-4 weeks of hair growth is needed for bikini and brazilian waxing. Please trim if needed but do not shave. Waxing takes 15-30 minutes.

Products for after waxing care are available at Pynk Monky for $20 each.


Yoni Steam / V Steam / Lingham Steam / His Steam / A Steam:

45 minute healing herbal steam to promote detox, healing and release of negative energy. This can be done for men and women.  Includes detox tea while steaming and sage and essential oils energy work with light massage before steaming to enhance the process.


Reflexology / Auricular Therapy:

Low grade electrical stimulation to pressure points and meridians to promote healing. used for pain, addictions, anxiety, relaxation and more.


Chakra Balancing / Energy Work / Sage Therapy:

30 minute session to balance your spirit, soul and energy bodies, chakras and meridian systems using sage, therapeutic crystals, essential oils and reiki energy work.


Skin Tag Removal Therapy:

30 minute session will remove as many as time allows using electric stimulation to burn off skin maladies.


Teeth Whitening:

20 minute session.  we suggest 4 sessions done weekly for best results. portable blue light and gel also available for home use




Celluma LED Light Therapy:

30 minute treatment involving blue, red, or infrared lights for acne, anti-aging, and skin damage, respectively.


Deep Cleanse and Microdermabrasion:

30 minute treatment for back or face that involves cleansing the skin, as well as exfoliation with one of several products based on your skin type and needs.


Custom Facial:

45 minute treatment including cleaning, exfoliation, extractions, high frequency, serum, mask, and massage. Specific products used will be determined based on skin type and needs. Best for anti-aging, acne, hyperpigmentation and more.


Advanced Facial Treatment:

All the benefits of the Custom Facial, plus 15 minutes with ultrasound, microcurrent, or LED light as needed.


Detoxifying Ice and Wood Sculpt Facial:

30-45 minute treatment in which five wood tools are used in a specific order to stimulate lymphatic drainage. After, ice is applied to tone, firm, and detoxify the skin.


Body Scrub:

60 minute treatment using a salt or sugar scrub on the full body, removal with warm towels, and moisturizing with massage oil.


Non-Invasive Face Lift:

30 to 60 minute treatment including a combination of cavitation, radio frequency, and/or microcurrent based on skin needs.


Sauna Wrap Detox:

45 minute sauna wrap for easing pain & detoxification of the body.


Body Sculpting

Butt Lift (Basic or advanced):

60 minute session to shape and lift hip and butt using vacuum therapy. Advanced options available. 3 sessions can be done in one day

Cellulite Reduction:

60 minute session targeting cellulite on thighs and butt using coffee scrub, detox mud, vacuum therapy, and wood therapy.


60 minute session using ultrasound cavitation device to break up fat cells.

Laser Lipo:

60 minute session using cold laser panels to shrink fat cells. includes sauna wrap

Hieloterapia (Pure Sculpt):

60 minute session using ice to tone and firm your body and melt fat. This process helps your body burn 3 times more fat over a 24 hour period. 

Radio frequency:

60 minute session which helps produce collagen and elastin to tighten skin on body and face.

Maderaterapia (Wood Sculpt):

60 minute session using non mechanical wood tools to tone, firm and mobilize fat to drain into lymphatic system.  Usually combined with Pure Sculpt.

Infrared heat sauna wrap and UV lamp:

60 minute session which melts fat, burns calories, promotes collagen and elastin production, relieves pain, and detoxifies the body. 


30 to 60 minute session to tone and firm muscles on any area of the body and the face.

Electro Muscle Stimulation:

60 minute session to tone and firm the body. Also heals muscle injury, performs lymphatic drainage and relieves pain from lupus, arthritis, fibromyalgia  and more. Usually combined with sauna wrap.


60 minute session to tone muscle, burn fat, tighten skin on the body and face.

Vacuum Therapy:

60 minute session to reduce cellulite, increase circulation, detoxify the body,  and stimulate lymphatic system.

Vibration plate:

10 minute session to stimulate lymphatic drainage. Added at the end of every fat burning session.  Can be done separately upon request.

Stretch mark therapy:

60 minute session using LED light and microcurrent to heal and rejuvenate the skin.  MSM lotion and serum are required for home care and best results.

Breast Lift Therapy:

60 minute session using radio frequency, ultrasound, and LED light to tighten skin, tone muscle and produce collagen and elastin to revitalize breasts.



Our resident make-up artist is available to make-up for special events, photo shoots, and more.

Custom Blended Lip Color:

Consultation to create base color, after which point you have the option of adding shimmer, fragrance, and SPF, as well as picking the style of packaging (tube, wand, or pot).

Pre-blended lip colors are available.

Consultations also available for custom skin care, hair care, body care, and cosmetics products.


Ready made, all natural lip gloss, lip balm, lip stick and vitamin e sticks.  buy in the office or order online at


Financing Available

We accept cash, paypal, debit card and credit card payments.

We also have several financing options available: